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Lonsdale vs Flanders 10/04/2016

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Honours Board - 2015/16

Premier Division
WinnerPoplar Boys
Runner UpAinslie Wood
Division One
Runner UpLeyton Green
Division Two
WinnerDagenham United
Runner UpSlaters Arms
Division Three
WinnerE4 Rangers
Runner UpLondon Fire Brigade
Corinthian Cup
Runner UpLonsdale
Trophyland Cup
WinnerLondon Fire Brigade
Runner UpFC Mexico
Premier Division Cup
WinnerWarren United
Runner UpRepton Park
Division One Cup
WinnerLeyton Green
Runner UpM&B Club
Division Two Cup
WinnerFC Mexico
Runner UpFC United of Hornchurch
Division Three Cup
WinnerWanstead United
Runner UpLondon Fire Brigade
Spring Cup 
WinnerRomford Galaxy
Runner UpFC Mexico