Guidance to clubs on querying player eligibility

Guidance to clubs on querying player eligibility

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It is something we hear of all too often; somebody who knows somebody who just happens to know one your of your opponent's players and thinks they shouldn't be playing...

With the new teamsheet system introduced this season, a lot of these queries should be stamped out completely as you are able to see who your opponents declare as playing before a ball is even kicked (or at least that was how it was meant to be).

There are instances already this season of sides starting matches before receiving teamsheets from their opponents and then complaining afterwards that somebody they played against wasn't registered or otherwise ineligible. 

There are a couple of points to guide you here:

Firstly, please do not start a match before you have both given and received a teamsheet. Referees are instructed to apply this rule strictly. Delayed kick-offs will be dealt with under the appropriate league rule.

If you have ANY query of player eligibility (i.e. somebody you don't think should be playing) , before, during or immediately after a match, you must obtain the signatures of your opponents at half time or full time using the appropriate form on the Downloads page and submit this to the League as part of a protest.

Please be aware that without some form of documented evidence i.e. a signature list or a name given to a referee when cautioned/dismissed, it is very unlikely that a judgement would fall in favour of the protester on the balance of probabilities.

All queries on player eligibility should be forwarded to Phil Pafnouti who will bring them to the attention of the Management Committee.

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