Division Four Cup Draw - 2019/20

Division Four Cup Draw - 2019/20

The draw for the Division Four Cup competition for 2019/20 is as follows:

1st Round

A Asianos Reserves 2-1 Inter Ladzio  
B Roneo Colts Reserves 3-1 Upshire Forest Reserves  
C Ridgeway Rovers Under 21s L-W Bretons Manor Tie awarded to Bretons

Quarter Finals

1 Ping City Phoenixes 3-0 United Amateurs  
2 Asianos Reserves 1-0 Romford Athletic Dons  
3 Monkhams 2-1 Roneo Colts Reserves  
4 Bretons Manor 3-0 Titans United  

Semi Finals

A Ping City Phoenixes v Asianos Reserves 15/03/20
B Monkhams v Bretons Manor 15/03/20

Final - Friday 24th April 2020, 7.45pm Kick Off at Aveley FC

  Winner of semi final A v Winner of semi final B